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Jun 19, 2024

Investing for a Better Future

More than 1.7 billion people worldwide lack access to necessary financial services. Founded in 2005 in San Francisco, Kiva is a nonprofit organization aiming to change this situation by helping underserved communities thrive.

Through crowdfunding loans, Kiva enhances the quality and affordability of financial services and removes barriers to financial access globally. Thanks to Kiva, students can pay school fees, women can start businesses, farmers can invest in equipment, and families can access emergency medical care.

With just $25, you can make a difference in someone’s life. 100% of every dollar funds loans, creating a relationship of mutual dignity and impacting multiple lives with a single contribution. Kiva offers the opportunity to play a special role in someone else’s story, fostering connections and relationships through investments. Since 2005, Kiva has continued to innovate in crowdfunding, reinventing microfinance with flexible terms, supporting community projects, and reducing costs for borrowers.

When a Kiva loan enables someone to grow a business, it creates opportunities for others, generating a ripple effect that can shape the future of a family or an entire community.

IMS Commitment

IMS is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility, actively contributing to community and social well-being. Through targeted investments, we support educational, environmental, and humanitarian projects. Our mission is to make a positive impact on people’s lives and on the environment. We collaborate with nonprofit organizations and promote initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities where we operate. We firmly believe that a successful company should share its prosperity with the world around it, contributing to building a better future for all. Social responsibility is a core value at IMS, guiding us in every aspect of our operations.

Through Kiva, we are committed to supporting small entrepreneurs worldwide, providing them with opportunities to grow and prosper.

Our Investments


Nzivulu is a grandmother of 4 grandchildren. She lives in Machakos, Kenya, where at 67 years old, she supports her family. Thanks to Hand in Hand Eastern Africa, she has been able to benefit from specific training to start growing her poultry farm. Through Kiva, we have the opportunity to bridge the gap and help her make a difference.


Elber Antonio is a 56-year-old father of two from Chone, Ecuador. Elber is a farmer cultivating plantains and yucca, using sustainable practices like natural irrigation systems and organic fertilizers. With our support, Elber will have the chance to purchase organic fertilizers and insecticides to further improve the quality of his crops, while protecting the surrounding environment. We are proud to make a difference in Elber’s life and many other small entrepreneurs like him, who are determined to enhance their communities through hard work and sustainability.


Hezron, a determined entrepreneur from Ravine, is dedicated to improving his family’s well-being and making a positive impact in his community. He skillfully manages a restaurant and a quarry business, where he sells essential construction materials, ensuring top-notch quality for his customers. Despite challenges in a competitive market, Hezron plans to use the support to expand his restaurant and continue supporting local suppliers. His goals include educating his children and fostering community growth. With our support, this loan can be a step toward a brighter future.


Badawou is married and has one child. She sells firewood, which she buys from village markets and resells in the city. Her goal is to satisfy her customers and achieve the financial independence needed to support her family. With our loan, we were able to support her in purchasing additional rows of firewood.


Beth is 43 years old, married, and has three children. In 2019, she joined Hand in Hand Eastern Africa to benefit from business development and financial management training. Beth manages a maize milling business and requested a loan from Kiva to purchase spare parts for her mill, hoping to increase her business earnings. With our investment, she aims to provide better healthcare for her family.


Hajanirina is a 28-year-old man with a family. He is a farmer currently using oil lamps. He decided to request a loan to buy a solar kit for lighting. With our support, Hajanirina aims to improve living conditions for himself and his family by ensuring safer lighting.


Franklin, 24 years old, has been working in cocoa and coffee cultivation since he was 19. His greatest dream is to establish a harvesting company and eventually form a cooperative. He is a determined and hardworking individual striving to achieve his dreams. He requested a loan from Kiva to maintain his farm and pay workers assisting with clearing, pruning, and weeding. Franklin is committed to enhancing his agricultural operations and contributing to his community’s development, focusing on the future of his cooperative.


Xe is 63 years old and lives in Bao Ninh, Dong Hoi, Vietnam, with three other family members in a fishing-dependent community. Xe and her husband have worked hard to raise their two children. With the support of our loan, Xe hopes to improve their living conditions and continue to support her local community by purchasing new and larger fishing nets and other necessary equipment. Her determination and desire to secure a better future for her family make her an example of resilience and hope.

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