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Jun 5, 2024

Who is the HSE Specialist?

An HSE Specialist (Health, Safety and Environment) is a key figure within a company responsible for identifying and assessing health, safety, and environmental risks that employees and third parties may face during working hours. The HSE Specialist is also responsible for training personnel on crucial topics such as health, safety, and the environment. Additionally, they ensure the implementation of legal requirements regarding health and safety in the workplace, as stipulated by Legislative Decree 81/08.

What are the duties of an HSE Specialist?

The position of an HSE Specialist requires specialized skills and a thorough understanding of current regulations. This role involves managing various obligations, directives, and compliance measures. Here is a list of the main daily responsibilities of an HSE Specialist:

  • Participation in meetings with company management: Defines HSE strategies, identifies issues, and proposes solutions, evaluating their operational and economic impact.
  • Identification of training needs: Develops training plans to disseminate information on health and safety to all personnel.
  • Promotion of a company culture focused on safety and environmental protection: Coordinates initiatives to protect the environment and the health of workers.
  • Collaboration in drafting HSE documents and communications: Oversees the preparation of the Organization, Management, and Control Model (MOGC) to minimize company risks.
  • Definition of preventive measures: In agreement with management, establishes measures to prevent non-compliant behaviors with regulations.
  • Updating company regulations: Keeps regulations on environment, health, and safety up to date.
  • Control of protective devices: Verifies the availability and proper use of protective devices.
  • Monitoring and analysis of environmental data: Manages information on discharges, emissions, and waste disposal.

What roles does the HSE Specialist Have?

The HSE Specialist is the professional responsible for controlling safety systems, health of workers, and the protection of the company’s working environment. They are tasked with drafting and maintaining all legally required documentation and acting as an intermediary between the company, competent safety authorities, and certification bodies.

Workers in this sector can be distinguished based on their primary type of operation:

  • Strategic HSE Specialist: This role is part of the company management. They support executives in strategic decision-making and address safety and environmental issues from an entrepreneurial perspective.
  • Operational HSE Specialist: Manages the operational aspects of health and safety. Implements and verifies protective measures according to management directives and current regulations.

A Strategic HSE Specialist is involved in the planning and implementation of long-term company policies, while an Operational HSE Specialist focuses on the daily execution of safety measures. Both roles are essential to ensure a safe and compliant working environment, promoting a company culture attentive to health, safety, and environmental sustainability.

How to become an HSE Specialist?

Becoming an HSE Specialist requires a technical educational path, typically accompanied by a degree in engineering. It is crucial to possess in-depth skills in core topics, along with a strong ability in coordination, organization, and communication. Recommended degrees include Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management, or Environmental Engineering. However, for a successful career in the HSE field, multidisciplinary knowledge and skills may be necessary. Obtaining certifications from specialization courses or master’s programs is highly valued by employers.

Becoming an HSE Specialist means ensuring a safe and sustainable work environment for everyone. This role not only protects the health of workers and the environment but also builds a company culture focused on safety and sustainability.

If you are detail-oriented and passionate about health and environmental protection, this could be the perfect career for you.

Are you ready to make a difference? Invest in your education, obtain the necessary certifications, and start building your future as an HSE Specialist.

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